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Update: Fixed rollover reset bug!

Game made for Ludum Dare 49 - Unstable. Deliver packages in your unstable truck as an unstable employee. Meet the delivery time or face the consequences. Three failed delivers and your fired!

Built with Unreal Engine 5 preview release.

Throwing Tip:

Throwing was made to be like a real-life throwing. Left-click to hold the package, move the mouse in the direction you want to throw relative to the screen, then release left-click button to let go of the package while following through your throw with the mouse. 

For example to throw right:

Left Click Hold, Move --->-->

Larger spacing between left-clicking and releasing will help with accuracy. Speed of the mouse movement will result in greater force in the throw.

Install instructions

Download zip, unzip, and click Undeliverable.exe file. If Windows prompts you click more info and then click run anyway.  Some virus detection software might flag the game, it is common with Unreal Games while in development.


Undeliverable.zip 155 MB

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